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The Historic Macedonia AME Church has been a spiritual and community center of Fernandina Beach Florida for close to 150 years. Throughout the 20th century, Macedonia AME Church has provided social and community service programs, including educational opportunities and employment assistance.

The church continues to feed the hungry and homeless while working and assisting the Coalition for The Homeless of Nassau County.

Providing voter education and registration programs through our Social Action Commission, Bridging The Gap!

Current Events

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God's Work In Our Hands

The doors to the Church are sometimes closed but the Church is ALWAYS OPEN!

Macedonia has an active congregation whose projects and activities have been a long-term  contributor to the culture and preservation of the history of African Americans.  

Macedonia AME Church is a valuable resource for the local community, with a number of programs, cultural, social and culinary events, guest speakers and services in partnership with other local organizations.


Through a Go Fund Me Campaign, we are raising funds to do the critical necessary repair to our roof system, to do interior church painting repair and improvements so we can move forward with our long-range plan goals for our 150th anniversary in May 2022.

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Racial Equality Coalition (REC) is a Fernandina Beach organization formed as a result of the attacks on minorities in 2020.  They are committed to finding ways to make change to the current narrative.

$1000 Startups

$1000 Start-up Small Business Program and Fairs, a non-profit training and grant program, teaching people how to start, develop, and sell products and services. The mission for this 501(c)(3) organization is to provide income and reentry opportunities to the traditionally underserved community and bring money into the community instead of taking it out. 



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